Top 10 Out of the Box Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Listing

December 31, 2018 by Price-Fuel

amazon listing optimization

In 2017, Amazon’s net sales totaled nearly $180 billion.

Selling your products on the biggest retail website in the world is a great way to get them in front of a huge audience. But the competition is tough.

Making your product stand out from the crowd is a real science. And there are steps you can take to help your listing have maximum reach.

So, read on as we take a look at 10 effective tips for Amazon listing optimization.

1. Do Your Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords is vital if you want your product to show up in the most popular search results.

There are plenty of tools available to help you with your keyword research. Starting from a simple seed keyword, they will show you the most popular and most successful keywords in your product category.

Make sure you add the best keywords to the backend of your product page as well, in the keywords section. These fields inform Amazon of the keywords that you want to be indexed for.

2. Make Full Use of Your Character Limit

Your title description is the lifeblood of your sales.

This is the place where your optimization can make the most difference, as this is the part of your listing that will be seen the most. You need to make use of every ounce of potential that you can. And that means making full use of the character limit.

Keep in mind that the title is for a human, not a search engine. It needs to be something that shoppers will read and understand, not just a list of keywords. Use punctuation marks such as dashes and vertical bars to break up the key points and make it easier to read.

3. Sell Your Product in the Bullet Points

After your title, the area that customers are most likely to read are the bullet points.

This is your chance to really sell your product beyond the basic description in the title. Highlight what makes your product stand out from other similar products and its most positive selling points. Provide information that can give potential customers the push they need to make a purchase.

Keywords can work here too as long as they are informative and don’t obviously stand out.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Product Description

If potential customers get as far as reading the product description then they’re seriously considering your product.

Since this section lives far down your listing page, it doesn’t get seen nearly as much. Some sellers think this means that this section isn’t so important, but they couldn’t be more wrong. If someone is looking this closely at your product, then they are ready to buy, and the product description could be the thing that seals the deal.

Since you can fit much more content into this section, it’s a great place to add keywords that wouldn’t fit so naturally into the title and bullet points.

5. Optimize Your Images

Your images can make a huge difference to your conversion rates.

Amazon has some rules on how your images need to look. The main image must only show the main product, have a white background and fill at least 85% of the frame.

The additional images have a lot more leeway. You can use them to highlight the unique features of your product, different angles, packaging and more. Images showing your product being used act as a subtle form of social proof.

6. Use and Utilize the Q&A

The Q&A section allows potential customers to ask questions about the product.

If someone is asking questions it means they’re considering a purchase, so make sure that you answer as many of these as you can. In addition, if there are similar questions being asked regularly, it can give you some ideas for what else to include in the bullet points and product description.

7. Learn from Your Reviews

Reviews are the social proof that can make or break your sales.

Getting people to leave reviews isn’t always easy, but follow-up emails and great customer service will always help. Useful and prompt responses to Q&A questions will also make customers more likely to leave positive reviews. Incentivized reviews are a big no-no now, so steer well clear.

You can also use any negative comments in reviews to inform the changes to your listing.

8. Undercut a High Ranking Result

If your product isn’t ranking well, you can try to piggyback on a strong result.

If there is a product that you sell that is ranking really highly for another seller, pricing it a little cheaper means that your price will show in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section of their page. Price-conscious customers may well then follow the link through to your product page.

9. Make Sure Your Ad Is Mobile Optimized

In 2017, nearly 65% of sales on Black Friday were made on mobile devices.

Amazon is optimized to look great on both desktop and mobile devices. But your listing also needs to look great on both. It is always worth checking out your listing on a number of mobile devices to make sure it looks as perfect as you want it.

10. Use Split Testing to Perfect Your Listing

A/B testing can be a really powerful guide for how to optimize your listing.

By testing out different versions of your listing and analyzing the results, you can hone it down to the perfect version that will maximize your conversions. There are plenty of software solutions that will help you A/B test two different versions of your listing to find which works best. Repeat this process until your listing is as good as it can be.

What to Do Once You’ve Nailed Your Amazon Listing Optimization

If you’ve milked your Amazon listing optimization for all it’s worth, there are still ways that you can increase your sales.

One of those is to always be selling at the optimum price. Our smart pricing solution automatically changes the price of your products depending on popularity and stock levels. If your product is flying off the shelves, the price will rise to maximize your profits and when things are moving more slowly, the price will lower to create a sales frenzy.

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