Smart pricing suggestions just for you

Find Endliess Repricing Oppurtunities

With Smart Suggestions, you can view all the items in your store that need price changes, and create new repricing campaigns straight from your dashboard.

PriceFuel pulls data from your Amazon store and analyzes the performance of all your items, creating smart suggestions of where you should change your prices to increase your store’s performance, and displaying the results in a simple to understand table.

Shopkeeper Items

When sales are slow it’s usually a sign that your prices are too high, so PriceFuel alerts you of any items selling less than 100 units per month.

Potential Products

When sales are high yet your sales ranking is low, it shows your item has fantastic potential. Prepare more stock and start a campaign to boost your market share.

Out of Stock

Make sure you never lose a sale by running out of stock. See all your items with less than 30 days of supply, then restock or increase your prices to preserve inventory

Market Leaders

When your item has a top 20 best-seller ranking for more than 14 days, you know you’re onto a winner. Slowly increase your prices to boost your profits but avoid harming your market share.

Volume Items

Make more profit on your best selling items by launching a repricing campaign on items selling more than 500 units per month.

Are you ready to dominate your market?