Maximize Profits

Devise your ultimate pricing strategy

Your prices determine how many sales you make, and how much you make from each sale. So PriceFuel lets you create your own strategy based on whether you'd like to maximize profit, boost market share or preserve inventory.

Optimize your prices, maximize your profits.

Make sure you're squeezing every last cent of profit. When your items are selling fast, let PriceFuel raise your prices so that you're making as much as possible from each sale. And when sales are a little quieter, let it lower your prices to create a sales frenzy.

Become the leader in your market

Having a higher market share, makes you more likely to make a sale. So let PriceFuel lower your prices when you want to increase your best seller ranking (BSR). And when you've hit your goals, such as being in the top 20, raise your prices to maximize your profits.

As stock changes, so can your price!

The basic rules of trading say that when demand is high, supply is low. So when you're low on stock, let PriceFuel raise your prices until you can resupply. And when you're sitting on excess stock, lower your prices to convert your inventory into dollars.

Combine strategies to dominate your market

With PriceFuel you can combine and prioritize all 3 pricing strategies to create a highly successful Amazon FBA store. Like maximizing your profit and protecting your inventory, or boosting your sales ranking but preserving your inventory above all else. Apply pricing strategies to just one item, or all your items - the choice is yours.

Are you ready to dominate your market?