Days Of Supply: How To Calculate It And Why It Matters

March 31st, 2019Price-Fuel0 Comment

When is the last time you took a look at your inventory levels? Are you sure you have enough product on hand to keep up with your current sales demand? If you’re like 8% of small business owners, you don’t track inventory levels at all. Or, maybe you fit into the 14% who still rely […]

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Why Finding The Right Price Point Is Essential For Amazon Sellers

March 27th, 2019Price-Fuel0 Comment

Amazon boasts more than 300 million active user accounts. Are you tapping into this massive customer base? If you’re a seller within the Amazon marketplace, you know how steep the competition is. By 2020, experts predict that the marketplace will contribute almost $260 billion in sales. Every day, the platform’s millions of sellers are adding inventory […]

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How To Use Images Of Amazon Products And Increase Your Click Through Rate

March 27th, 2019Price-Fuel1 Comment

People process visuals 60,000 times quicker than text. When they look at your Amazon store, what do they see? Your product descriptions might be stellar and your price points ideal, but if your images are grainy, small and slow to load, you could be missing out on reaching your target audience. Most online shoppers spend […]

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How Price-Fuel Can Help You Join The List Of Amazon Top Sellers

March 19th, 2019Price-Fuel0 Comment

How many Amazon merchants would you guess make more than $1 million per year? Maybe 1%, or 5% at the very most? Turns out, it’s 19%. That’s right: One-fifth of sellers with a presence on the world’s top online retailer are raking that much money annually. They aren’t selling anything particularly exotic or rare. They […]

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What Is The Amazon Best Seller Ranking List And How Do You Get On It?

March 19th, 2019Price-Fuel0 Comment

There are over 353 million products currently listed for sale on Amazon. Buyers have more choice than ever before, which means that the competition is fierce — and product manufacturers have to cater to the demands of their market in order to stand out. But with so many options on Amazon, how do you know which […]

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How To Start And Run A Successful Amazon FBA Business

March 10th, 2019Price-Fuel0 Comment

Amazon controls about 50% of the entire e-commerce market.  They have the resources to offer the best deals, have the trust of billions of consumers, and offer an enormous inventory — that’s constantly growing.  If you want to get into e-commerce, why try to compete with the resources of Amazon?  Instead, start your own Amazon FBA business […]

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Trending On Amazon: What’s In It For Your Business

March 6th, 2019Price-Fuel0 Comment

In many ways, though it’s the top online retailer with plenty of room at the table, winning at Amazon can feel like a popularity contest. How can you choose the right products that are going to resonate with customers? Which ones are in and which are on their way out? There are plenty of questions.  Thankfully, […]

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Posting Ads On Facebook To Get Customers To Your Amazon Site

March 4th, 2019Price-Fuel0 Comment

Research reveals that the typical Facebook user clicks on an average of eight Facebook ads per month.  Is your Amazon store seeing any of that traffic? If not, it’s time to rethink your marketing and outreach strategy. Posting ads on Facebook can be an ideal way to showcase your inventory, boost brand recognition and create an online community.  […]

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Crush Your Competition with This Amazon Pricing Strategy

January 4th, 2019Price-Fuel1 Comment

Amazon made net sales of almost $178 billion last year. Yep, that’s right: billion. Amazon is the most successful e-retailer currently and this trend will surely continue. Amazon provides buyers will a hub to select the perfect product. They offer great shipping, and above all, great deals. Customers always want to find the best deal. […]

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Top 10 Out of the Box Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Listing

December 31st, 2018Price-Fuel2 Comment

In 2017, Amazon’s net sales totaled nearly $180 billion. Selling your products on the biggest retail website in the world is a great way to get them in front of a huge audience. But the competition is tough. Making your product stand out from the crowd is a real science. And there are steps you can […]

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