Amazon Optimization: Things You May Not Have Considered!

December 11, 2018 by Price-Fuel

amazon seoAlmost half of American consumers start their sales journey on Amazon.

If you’ve been neglecting your Amazon SEO in favor of traditional search engines you’re making a big mistake.

To make it worse, optimizing your product pages on Amazon involves different skills compared to standard SEO. You have to organically combine SEO and conversion strategies in every listing.

Use these easy to follow tips to learn how you can start to improve your Amazon conversions.

Amazon SEO Basics

If you’ve ever been involved in Amazon sales I’m sure you were told reviews, keyword ranking, and sales rank was all that mattered. These three are widely considered to be the most important SEO factors determining overall sales.

If you’re a total beginner you need to get them set up asap. Identify high-value long tail keywords for your product and optimize your pages with them. Use both your metadata and narrative product descriptions to create attractive pages that convert.

Reviews can be harder to come by when you’re first starting out. One of the best things to do is just ask for them. Send a polite email to customers asking them to review your product. If they’re satisfied with your product many will be happy to do so.

In the past, you could also try and get some incentivized reviews to launch a product. Over the past several years, Amazon has been cracking down hard on this practice. There are several other methods available to increase your reviews overall.

Sales rank is the hardest of all. You have to make sales to raise your sales rank but consumers look for a high sales rank before making purchasing decisions. It’s a Catch-22. Thankfully, there are some methods available to you other than just waiting for organic sales.

While these are definitely important factors they aren’t the end all be all of SEO for Amazon.

Create Attractive Titles

The very first thing people see when considering your product is the title. Make sure that it’s well written, tastefully optimized, and provides real value to them.

Don’t Write for Robots

The most common mistake we see beginner Amazon sellers make is using their title as just another keyword slot. Potential customers can tell when your title was written with search engines in mind.

Always make sure that your title flows, is in complete sentences, and makes sense. Absolutely don’t just fill it with your brand name and a string of keywords. This is a major sign for consumers to stay away.

Include Keywords Organically

We know we just said not to fill your title with keywords but adding a few that flow is a good idea. Look for long tail keywords that easily work into a sentence or description.

This helps your product stand out while still creating something for humans to read.

Always Add Value

The best way to stand out from your competitors is to show potential customers that you’re going the extra mile. Make sure your title includes information likely to appeal to customers.

Think about the most probable ways people will use your product and tastefully include them in your title.

Images, Images, Images

The old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is never truer than with Amazon conversions. If a consumer is considering two comparable products with similar reviews the one with better pictures will usually win out.

Amazon currently allows you up to nine pictures per listing. Make sure you’re providing all nine images for each of your listings. It should go without saying, but you have to use high-quality images or clips.

Consumers are instantly turned off by products that clearly used cut-rate images. Those poorly photoshopped ones with a digital render of a product are the absolute worst. All these kind of images do is show your potential customers you couldn’t be bothered to create real promotional material.

Amazon’s algorithms also take into account the number of images a listing has. Make sure you don’t accidentally penalize your search ranking.

Take Advantage of Short-Term PPC

One of the best ways to immediately put your sales account on a good footing is to use Amazon PPC. Pay-Per-Click advertising can help you get your product closer to the top of search rankings.

For brand new accounts there are a lot of benefits to running a short-term campaign as soon as you start out. It lets you quickly make some sales and puts your product in front of potential customers.

The biggest benefit from this is the ability to raise your sales rank and generate reviews. Just the act of selling your product will increase your sales rank over time. By getting a jump start through PPC you boost your sales rank right out of the gate.

More sales also mean more reviews. Only a small percentage of customers will leave a review. It’s in your benefit to get it in as many hands as possible early.

Always Be Split Testing

So how do you know if any of this is working? Split testing. To figure out what works for your products introduce changes one at a time and compare the results.

This allows you to get highly accurate information about what works best for your product. Some of the most common changes split testing looks at include:

  • Lead Image
  • Price Change
  • Title Change
  • Product Description

If you completely revamped your product listings you wouldn’t be able to tell what change made the difference. What’s worse, you’d have no idea if one change was highly positive and another mostly negative. You might see a positive change overall but dampen the net benefits.

E-commerce is all about big data. You have to be laser targeted on your market and niche.

Stay Focused

It’s easy to get bogged down considering algorithmic changes and incremental increases. Make sure your Amazon SEO policy is always focused on creating additional value for your customers. If you provide a high-quality product and follow SEO best practices your customers will notice.

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